Exam Regulation


  • Three Year Degree course leading to the B A, B Com, B Sc.and BCA & BBA (under Self financing scheme) shall spread over a period of Six Semester in three Academic years.
  •  A candidate for the Bachelor Degree shall have to clear each Semester securing 30% marks in theory subject/paper of the Semester (Internal Assessment + Semester End), 40% marks in practical papers.
  •  Each of the Six Semester Examination shall include one Internal Assessment and the Semester End Examination. In every Academic Year there shall be two Semesters.
  •  In P.G courses there shall be four Semester Examinations. Each of the Four Semester Examination shall include Internal Assessment and the Semester End Examination. In every academy year there shall be two semesters.
  •  Examinations for all the odd number of semesters like 1st, 3rd , 5th, 7th, 9th shall be held normally in the month of December and the Semesters of even numbers like 2nd ,4th, 6th shall be held in the month of April every year.
  •  For the Under Graduate course the duration of examination shall be as follows :
Theory paper of 40 marks 2 Hour Duration
Theory paper of 60/80 marks 3 Hour Duration
Practical paper of 25 marks 3 Hour Duration
Practical paper of 50 marks 3 Hour Duration

For Post Graduation courses the duration of Semester End Examination shall be Three Hours or as per the specification of the syllabus. For Post Graduate Practical Examinations the total time for the examination shall be as follows :

  • For Practical Paper of less than 40 marks – 3 Hour
  • In BCA the practical paper 80 marks is of 3 hours duration
  •  All Internal Assessment examination shall be of one Hour duration irrespective of total marks assigned for the paper. No Internal Assessment Examination for practical papers, except BCA.
  •  Evaluation of the students of Three Year Degree Course in Arts, Science and Commerce shall be in the Six Semester. There shall be Internal Assessment Examinations every year, carrying 20 percentage weightage of the maximum marks in each subject (Theory) for that year. A student fails to appear at the Internal Assessment Examination shall be deemed to have secured zero in that examination. There shall be no back paper/improvement examination for Internal Assessment. However, a student officially represents the College in NSS/NCC will be considered for special Internal Assessment with the permission of the Principal
  •  Pass mark for a Semester : Each Semester shall be treated as a separate unit and the candidate shall have to pass in individual subjects/papers as the case may be. The marks secured in Internal Assessment and Semester End examination shall be taken together to consider the pass/fail result of the candidate. To clear a Semester a student shall have to secure 30% marks in individual theory paper/subject, 40% marks in Practical and 36% marks in aggregate (all papers in the Semester combined together).
    •  [A] Provision for Back Paper : A student securing below 30% mark in theory paper (Internal assessment marks + Semester End marks combined together)or failed to secure 36% marks in aggregate of all subjects combined together in the Semester can appear in the subject/paper he/she fails to secure mark as Back Paper or in any paper to make up the deficit for required aggregate mark.
    • [B] A student who has not filled up form for Semester-II or the following Semester Examinations will treated as a Back Student.He can appear at the said examination/examinations as such in the next academic session/sessions on dipositing the required fees at the time of filling up forms for the Examinations. But those back students will be debarred from appearing at Internal Assessment Examinations.If a student has not filled up form for Semister examinations, he/she shall not be allowed to appear next examination.However,the Principal may allow to appear the semester examination on justified grounds to his satisfaction.The student will be allowed to the previous Semester Examination as Back Paper.
  •  A candidate securing less than 60% but more than 30% in Honours paper can appear for improvement in the consecutive two chances. This attempt by the student shall not be treated, as Back-Paper and he/she shall not be deprived of a Distinction if he/she is otherwise eligible for that.
  •  However a student appearing in Back-Papers under the provision of 7.11 shall not be awarded Distinction even if he secured marks necessary for award of Distinction.
  •  Student coming on transfer from Non-Autonomous College shall have to appear in all the papers for which Examinations are already over. He/she shall be by the provision 12.4 of Regulation.
    •  [A] Students shall appear in Back Paper examination alongwith the same Semester students of their successive two Admission Batches. However the question shall be set as per the syllabus meant for the Admission Batch from which a student shall appear in Back Paper.
    • [B] A student failing to secure a minimum of 30% in Pass subject and/or a minimum of 40% in each Practical paper in any of the semester examination may be allowed to appear in those paper(s)subject(s) in not more than TWO chances(Examinations) immediately following that examination for which he/she was first registered to clear the back paper(s) on payment of prescribed fees.Students who have failed in Theory Paper(s) but passed in Practical,need not appear Practical,as back paper.
    • [C] However,a student who has not cleared an examination,mat at his/her option appear in all papers/subjects of that examination under the following conditions:
      • [A] marks secured by the student in that examination earlier stand cancelled.
      • [B] after exercising the option to appear at all papers/subjects of an examination,if a student fails to clear that examination,he/she will be required to appear in all the papers/subjects of that examination in subsequent chances within FIVE years of first registration for the first semester examination.
  •  Students coming from Autonomous College on transfer shall have to appear in the papers in which they have not appeared/passed in their previous College. They shall have to appear in such examination by paying the requisite fee, in earliest possible chance. Such appearance in examination shall not be treated as Back-Paper appearance. However students coming on transfer from Autonomous College after 2nd Semester Examination of this College is over shall have to clear the un-cleared papers as Back Paper. They shall be guided by the provision 12.4 of this regulation.
  •  Candidates shall have to enter examination Hall only with his/her own valid Identity Card, own Admit Card, Writing materials, (eraser, pen, pencil). They are not allowed to carry with them Cell Phone , Pager or any other electrical gadget. Candidates are allowed to carry with them simple Calculator. Scientific and highly sophisticated Calculators are ordinarily not allowed to the Examination Hall. Scientific calculators will be allowed,if it is provided in the Syllabus
  •  Indiscipline in any form in the Examination Hall by the candidates will not be allowed and shall be viewed seriously. Talking, consulting with each other, copying from incriminating materials are strictly prohibited. Such cases of violation of examination rule shall be reported by the Invigilators, members to the Controller of Examinations in a prescribed proforma. The Superintendent shall have the authority to expel any candidate for one sitting or for all the sittings of examination, if he/she feels that his/her presence in the examination hall shall spoil the normal atmosphere of the examination hall and shall be a threat to the smooth conduct of examination.
  •  The results of the candidates booked under infringement of Examination rules shall be referred to a Malpractice Committee constituted by the Controller with consultation ot he Principal. The Malpractice Committee shall consider the case as per rule, interview the candidate in person resorted to malpractice and submit its report to the Controller of Examinations. The report (s) shall be placed before the Examination Committee by the Controller for consideration and award of punishment.

Qualification And Eligibility Criteria For Appearance In Examination

  •  All bonafide students admitted as per the Admission rule of the College are eligible to appear the Semester Examination fulfilling the following criteria :
    • [A] Must have attended at least 75% of the classes held in theory and practicals in each subject in each semester. Provided that in exceptional cases the Principal may condone the shortage of attendance to the extent of 15%. Provided further that the Principal may condone the shortage of attendance to the extent of 5% more in respect of the students who have represented the College or State or deputation in a National/International competition and function to be recorded in writing during the Semester period under reference.
    • [B] In case student admitted an payment of late fee on account of increase of seats or opening of new subject after the prescribed dates of admission, the attendance shall be counted from the date of his/her admission.
    • [C] A student may be allowed to combine attendance in previous College/ Colleges, if admitted on transfer.
    • [D] A student admitted to the first year class of this College may be admitted to the First Semester Examination if he/she has completed a regular course of study during the duration of the Semester in the subjects he/she has offered.
    • [E] Only such students who appear at/ enroll for the First Semester Examination shall be eligible to appear in the next semester examination bypaying the normal dues.
    • [F] Students shall be allowed to appear in the next Semester Examinations on the condition that they fulfill the criteria laid down in Para 9.1 (e) and otherwise qualified to appear in the examinations. However before filling of forms of a particular semester he/she must have filled up the forms /appeared in all the previous semesters.

Classification of Successfull Candidate

  •  The division or class of a student will be decided by taking together his / her performance in all the Internal Assessment, Project (if any) and the Semester End examinations in case of Degree Courses and the marks of Internal Assessment plus Semester End marks practical, project marks taken together in case of Post-Graduate Degree.
  •  In Degree stage there shall be the provision for award of Distinction. Distinction Will be awarded to students securing 50% or more marks in all papers taken together except the marks secured in Honours papers, provided that the student cleared all the Semester examination in his/her first appearance.
  •  Filling in of application forms for the examination shall be treated as first appearance.
    •  [A] However a student coming on transfer from a Non-autonomous College after the First Semester Examination is over shall be allowed to appear in the said Semester Examination alongwith his/her successive batch students. This appearance shall be treated as his/her first appearance and no Back paper tag shall be attached to him/her. However a student coming on transfer after 2nd Semester Examination is over shall be subjected to the provision of 7.11.
    • [B] Students seeking admission into Second Year Degree classes on transfer from Autonomous College as per regulation 2.12 & 2.13 shall have to submit the marks of the IAE and TEE of First Year Degree of the previous Autonomous College for computation of his/her marks along with the marks secured in the Second and the Final degree examination.
  •  Students coming on transfer from other Autonomous College and appearing in specific paper on technical ground such as non-clearance of a particular paper inhis/her previous college and pass the paper in the first given chance shall betreated to have cleared the examination in first appearance and no Back paper tagshall be attached to him/her.
  •  [i] The result of the Semester Examinations (Except the 6th in case of Degree course and 4th in case of PG course) shall be notified without mentioning his division/class and the mark-sheet shall be issued only mentioning the marks secured in the respective Semesters. But after the sixth Semester in case of UG course and 4th Semester in case of PG course a consolidated mark-sheet shall be issued to each student. In this consolidate mark-sheet the grade/division /class secured by the candidate shall be mentioned in the column specific for result. A provisional Certificate shall also be issued to the successful candidates.
  •  [ii] Grades will be awarded on the following basis.
    • [A] Pass (P) (Pass without Honours) A minimum of 30% of marks in each theory paper, 40% marks in each Practical paper and a minimum 36% marks in aggregate (theory, practical marks taken together), but failed to secure 45% marks in honours combined together. However the candidate shall have to secure not less than 36% marks in honours.
    • [B] Pass with Distinction (PD) (PD without Honours) In addition to the conditions laid down for Pass grade as in Para 12.6.2(a), a minimum 50% marks in theory and practicals combined together in subjects other than the Honours subject and securing more than 36% and less than 45% in Honours subject.
    • [C] Second Class Honours (II H).In addition to the conditions of the Pass grade, when the marks in Honours subject is more than 45% and less than 60% provided that in practical paper the candidate must have secured more than 40% of the marks.
    • [D] Second Class Honours with Distinction (IIHD) In addition to the conditions laid down in 12.6.2(c), a minimum 50% marks in all subjects (except Honours subject)
    • [E] First Class Honours (IH) In addition to conditions in Pass grade i.e. Para 12.6.2(a) , a minimum 60% marks in Honours subject.
    • [F] First Class Honours with Distinction (IHD) In addition to the conditions laid down in Para 12.6.2(e) for first class Honours, a minimum 50% in subjects other than Honours subject.
    • [G] To secure Distinction the candidate shall have to clear all the Semester Examination in first appearance.
  •  (iii) [A] For Post Graduate Degree there is no provision for Distinction. The candidates of PG courses
    • 1st Class – Candidate clearing all Semesters separately securing 36% in aggregate marks and securing 60% marks in all the Semesters combined together.
    • 2nd Class – Candidate clearing all Semesters separately securing 36% marks and securing 48% or more marks but less than 60% marks in aggregate in all Semesters combined together.
    • 3rd Class – Candidate securing more than 36% marks, clearing all Semesters but securing less than 48% marks in all Semesters combined together.
  • [B] In order to pass in the PG Course, a student must obtain 36% in theory aggregate marks and 40% in the practical aggregate marks.
  • [C] If a student of P.G. course fails to clear any semester as prescribed in 12.6.3(b) he/she shall have to appear in all the papers of the Semester again, but if the student cleared the examination by securing 36% he/she can appear once in any paper at his/her choice for improvement within two years.