Dr. Sarita Choudry

Name of the faculty: DR. SARITA CHOUDRY

Designation: Lecturer

Date of 1st appointment as Lecturer: 01.11.2016

Educational Qualifications:

Degree Subject University Year Class Specialization
B. Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics Ranchi University 2010 1st (D)
M. Sc. Mathematics Kolhan University 2012 1st (D)

(Gold Medal)

Operations Research
Ph.D. Mathematics IIT(ISM) Dhanbad 2017 Optimization Techniques


Articles Published:

Sl. No. Year Title of the Publication Name of the Journal/Edited Books ISBN-NO Impact Factor Name of the Publisher
1 2014 Exponential type vector variational-like

Inequalities and vector optimization problems with exponential type invexities


Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing, 45 (2014) 87-97 1865-2085 1.242 Springer
2 2014 An exact l1 exponential penalty function method for

multiobjective optimization problems with exponential-type invexity


Journal of the Operations

Research Society of China, 2 (2014) 75-91


2194-6698   Springer
3 2014 Convergence of exponential penalty function method for

multiobjective fractional programming problems


Ain Shams Engineering Journal, 5 (2014) 1371-1376


2090-4479 1.949 Elsevier
4 2014 Generalized α-V-univex functions for multiobjective variational control problems Control and Cybernetics, 43 (2014) 403-420 03248569   Polish Academy of Sciences
5 2015 On composite vector variational-like inequalities and vector optimization problems Computational Management Science, 12 (2015) 577-594 1619-6988  












6 2015 Exponential type vector variational-like inequalities and nonsmooth vector optimization problems Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing, 49 (2015) 127-143 1865-2085 1.242 Springer
7 2015 Second order duality for variational problems involving generalized convexity OPSEARCH, 52 (2015) 582-596 0975-0320   Springer
8 2016 An exact minimax penalty function method and saddle point criteria for nonsmooth convex vector optimization problems Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 169 (2016) 179-199 1573-2878






1.388 Springer








9 2016 Second order monotonicities and second order variational-like inequality problems Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo, 65 (2016) 123-137 1973-4409   Springer
10 2016 Saddle point criteria for second order η-approximated vector optimization problems Kybernetika, 52 (2016) 359-378 0023-5954 0.670 Nakladatelství Academia
11 2017 Sufficiency and mixed type duality for multiobjective variational control problems involving α-V-univexity Evolution Equations and Control Theory, 6 (2017) 93-109 2163-2480 0.953 American Institute of Mathematical Sciences




12 2017 On vector variational-like inequalities and vector optimization problems with (G,α)-invexity Applied Mathematics-A Journal of Chinese Universities, 32 (2017) 323-338 1993-0445 0.803 Springer
13 2019 Convergence of exponential penalty function method for variational problems Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India Section A: Physical Sciences, 89 (2019), 517-524 2250-1762 0.921 Springer


Orientation/Refresher/FDP Programmes:

Sl. No Year Name of the Course/Programme Period/Date Name of the HRD Centre
1 2017 Nonlinear Analysis and its Application to Optimization Techniques (Professional Development Programme) August 18-22 IIT (ISM) Dhanbad
2 2019 Project Genesis – Global Business Foundation Skills (Faculty Development Program) September 17-20 Infosys BPM
3 2020 MatLab and it’s Applications (Faculty Development Program) August 17-19



Bishop Cottons Women’s Christian College
4 2020 ICT Based New Paradigms Of E-Teaching And E-Learning: Digital Pedagogy September 15-30 MHRD/ Mata Sundri College for Women(DU) in association with Ramanujan College(DU)


Seminars/Conferences/Workshops/Symposia/Webinar attended:

Sl. No Year State/

National/   International

Title of the Seminar/ Conference Paper presented/ Participated/

Resource Person

Topic of the Paper,

if Presented

 Name of the Organizing HEI
1 2014 International International Summer-Winter Term Course on Portfolio Optimization,  May 19-30 Participated   IIT Kharagpur






2 2014 National 80th Annual Conference of “Indian Mathematical Society”,  December 27-30 Participated   IIT(ISM) Dhanbad
3 2015 National








Advanced Level Workshop on “Variational Analysis and Optimization” held at IIT Gandhinagar, March 02-08 Participated   IIT Gandhinagar
4 2015 National 7th National Conference on Wave Mechanics and Vibrations,  December 21-23 Participated   IIT (ISM) Dhanbad
5 2016 International



Recent Advances in Optimization Theory and Applications,  January 30-31 Presented Scalarization technique for vector variational problems and variational type inequalities University of Delhi
6 2018 National Research Seminar Presented Analysis of Penalty Methods for Constrained Optimization Problems IIT Hyderabad
7 202 International OHEPEE Sponsored International Conference on Mathematical Analysis and its Applications. February 4-5 Presented Higher order strict minimizers in variational problems and vector variational type inequalities Berhampur University
8 2020 International Numerical and Scientific Computing, July 28 Participated   Manipal University Jaipur
9 2020 National Machine Learning And Mathematical Modelling, August 7 Participated   Manipal University Jaipur
10 2020 National An Introductory Course on Fluid Dynamics, August 17-20 and 24-28 Participated   CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore
11 2020 International Recent Trends in Quantum

Mechanics, October 3

Participated   Department of Physics, Science Autonomous College, Hinjilicut
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Science College (Autonomus), Hinjilicut
  • National Highway 217, Hinjilicut, Odisha, India
  • 06811-280024