Project Description

The department of Chemistry was established in 1976-77 with 16 seats in chemistry honours permitted by Higher Education Department, Government of Odisha.

The honours seat was increased from 16 to 24 during the session 2011-12. In the session 2015-16 the honours seat is increased from 24 to 56.The Department has basic infrastructural facilities to meet the growing educational requirement of the students.

The mission of our department is to impart quality education; promotion of innovative thinking; creating work culture. The department is striving a lot from its very inception.


The goals of this premiere educational institute are:

  1. To inculcate the habit of social, cultural and ethical activities among the students.
  2. To build knowledge society
  3. To produce disciplined, morally and socially committed citizens.
  4. To bridge the gap between students of urban and rural area.

Under Autonomous pattern: (2014-15)

SL. No. Course Offered Strength
01 Chemistry Honours courses 24
02 Chemistry Pass courses 64

Under CBCS pattern: (2015-16)

SL. No. Subject NO. of Students
01 Chemistry Core courses           56
02 Chemistry Generic Elective courses          144
Bachelor  Degree (B.Sc.)

About Course Programme

B.Sc. in Chemistry is a 64 semester programme designed in CBCS pattern with an intake capacity of 56. The course has been designed in accordance with the recent guidelines from U.G.C. and approved by the board of studies, which contains advanced topics like Group Theory, Quantum mechanics, Nano Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Bio-inorganic Chemistry, Organmetallics, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Physical and Inorganic Chemistry etc.

How to Enter into the Course Programme

The students are entered into the course through online counselling by their +2 Sc. mark.

For the Syllabus CLICK HERE

Class Schedule

1st, 3rd &5th Semester classes starts from July and ends in November. 2nd, 4th &6th Semester classes starts from December and ends in April.


Name & Designation

Dr. Sabita Kumari Sahu

Asst. Professor

M.Sc, Ph.D


Contact Details: +919861430070

Dr. Saroja Kumar Dash

Assistant Professor

M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed, MBA, PGDIS&EM, PGDCA, Ph.D


Contact Details: +919437323923

Smt. Kumudini Bhuyan

Assistant Professor



Contact Details: +918328999504

Sri Bidyadhara Sethy

Assistant Professor



Contact Details: +919124105008

Dr. Bijaya Kumar Gouda




Contact Details: +919861159928

Smt. Jyotirmayee Dakua



Contact Details: +919437956273


Mr. Lalita Kumar Mohanty

Chemistry Attendant

Contact Details:+917873065468

Seminar Library

The Department Seminar has a good stock of textbooks and reference books for use by the students.


The department has two laboratories which are fully equipped with different types of instruments, chemicals and glass wares.



Name of the equipment Sl.


Name of the equipment
01 Computer with ups. 12 Digital PH Meter-335
02 Travelling Microscope (X-Y motion ) 10X eyepiece NISCO 13 Digital PH Meter-361
03 Chemical balance(top pan balance ) 14 Digital Balance-320
04 Vacuum Desicator 240mm JSGW 15 Digital Balance-300
05 Oil Free Portable Vacuum Pump JSGW 16 Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate-2MLH
06 PH meter(11E) 17 Digital Balance-220
07 Ostwald’s Viscometer NISCO 18 Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate-6020
08 Paper chromatography , cabinet JSGW 19 Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate-6040
09 Quality distillatory water apparatus` 20 Heating Mantle
10 Stalgometer  NISCO 21 Melting  Point Apparatus
11 Digital Melting Point 3.5 Led 22 Colorimeter & Conductometer

The important equipments are conductometer, Calorimeter, stalgomometer, viscometer, Digital PH meter, melting point apparatus, vacuum pump, travelling microscope, etc.

Student Project Work

The students of the department are visited to different industries, local area and other Govt. and Semi-Govt. Organisations for their Project Work as a part of their course curriculum.

Departmental Seminars/Work shops:




Name Topic Date Year
01. Amita Tripathy Carbon Sequestration 02.12.15 2015-16
02. Shrandhajajali Mishra Coordination Chemistry 02.12.15
03. Jagadish Chandra Muni Photochemical reaction 03.02.16
04. Sugyani Kumari Sahu Thermal reaction and jablonski diagram 10.02.16
01. Mamata Kumari Panda Hybridisation Theory 07.12.16 2016-17
02. Snehalata Panigrahy VSEPR Theory and  Hybridisation 07.12.16
03 Ganesh Bisoyi VSEPR Theory 07.12.16
04. ABhinash Bisoyi Hydrolysis of salt 07.12.16
05. Sagar Maharana Glass and Liquid crystals 10.12.16
06. Balaram Panigrahy Symmetry in Solids 10.12.16
07. Gnesh Bisoyi Solids and its Classification 10.12.16
08. Tilu Nayak Solid and its defects 10.12.16
09. Tapaswini Sahu Periodic Table 22.12.16
10. Bijayani Dalai Shape of Orbitals 22.12.16
11. Jyoti  Pradhan Block of element 22.12.16
12. Swarnapriya Behera Hybridisation 25.01.17
13. Lalatendu Mishra Spectroscopy and its application 25.01.17
14. Sanghamitra Sahu Kohlrausch’s law and application 25.01.17
15. Ashok kumar Swain Lanthanides and their separation 25.01.17
16. Saisankar Nayak Synthetic application of benzene diazonium chloride 25.01.17
17. Rasmiranjan Sahu Mystery of chemistry 25.01.17
18. Pragati Samal Conductance of electrolyte 25.01.17
19. Priyanka Sahu Preparation,Nature, Property of Aniline 25.01.17
20. Santosh ku.Sahu Faraday’s law 25.01.17
01. Prativa Dash Chemical kinetics 08.07.17 2017-18
02. Tarini Charana Panigrahi Phase Diagram of water system 08.07.17
03. Amresh Panda Relative strength of Acids 25.07.17
04. Sitaram patra Polymer 25.07.17
05. Jyotirmayi  Sahu Catalysis 25.07.17
01. Trilochana Gouda Studying on the green     chemistry-preventing pollution                                        sustaining  the earth 01.03.2019




02. Priyanka Muni Fertilizer 01.03.2019
03. Itismita Priyadarsani An introduction to polymer 10.01.2019
04. Manas ranjan Nahak Nuclear pollution 05.02.2019
05. Srinibasha sethi STERILIZATION & ph OF WATER 07.02.2019
06. Brajesh kumar pradhan Sources of energy and its   conservation 11.02.2019
07. Subhrajit panda Dye-sensitized solar cell 01.03.2019
08 Dhanurjaya swain Catalysis and exploring its   properties 15.02.2019
09 Puspanjali bisoyi Catalysis 12.09.2018
10 Prativa dash Introduction to polymer 12.09.2018
11. Kuldeep jena Cement: types and its effect 15.03.2018
12 Rajesh pradhan Vegetable oil 05.03.2019
13 B. Pujashree patra Plastic pollution 22.01.2019
14 Smrutirekha sahu Phenol and it’s properties 12.09.2018
15 Mr. Sagara sahu Extraction of essential oil 23.03.2018
16 Tanmaya pattnaik Setting of cement 25.04.2018
17 Yagnyadatta nahak Chemo informatics 23.03.2018
18 M. Sreejit kumar rao Vitamin 22.01.2019
19 Pratap behera Effect of noise and water   pollution on environment 18.04.2018
20. Sibani pujari Fermentation

And its types



23. Suchitra routa Water pollution and

Its measure sources

24. Itismita priyadarsani Introduction to polymer 10.01.2019
25 M. Sreejit kumar rao Vitamin 22.01.2019
26. Sunil kumar behera Different improved low cost    water purifying methods in 15.02.2019
27. Nilamadhaba gouda Ph scale and its application in soil 18.02.2019
28 Bitthalbasudev dash Water pollution 01.03.2019
29. Subhasmita dash Hair dyes, bleaches and its Effect 01.03.2019
30. Puspanjali bisoy Biproducts of sugarcane 01.03.2019
01. Kishana kumar sahu Plastic and preparation of fuel from plastic 05.01.2020 2019-2020


02. Chandan kumar khandual Integrated storm water management system 06.01.2020
03 Sourav pattnaik Plastic recycling 09.01.2020
04 Smrutirekha sahu Carbohydrate 09.01.2020
05. Rajesh kumar sethi Chemical behaviour of soaps    and detergent 09.01.2020
06. Prahen kumar behera Soil sample analysis of chikiti block 09.01.2020
07 Brajesh kumar pradhan Boron family 09.01.2020
08 Dipak bisoyi Soil sample analysis 09.01.2020
09. Harapriya  sahu Preparation of potash alum from scarp aluminium 09.01.2020
10. Aditi mallick Radioactive waste management 09.01.2020
11 Ladukishor sahu Pharmaceutical compound 10.01.2020
12 Kanan kumar das Fertilizer 10.01.2020
13. Chinmaya kumar sahu Ionic equlibria 15.01.2020
14. Chandan kumar biswal Antihyperglycemic drugs 16.01.2020
15. Pradeepta  gouda Inorganic chemicals market and opportunities 16.01.2020
16. Suryamani sahu Identification of anaions and cataions present in toothpaste 16.01.2020
17. Subhasmita sethi Produced from kitchen waste  and it’s cost analysis 16.01.2020
18. Rajesh kumar swain Amount of caffeine present in  different tea sample 22.01.2020
19. Rabi narayana padhy Enviromental pollution 02.02.2020
20. Manoj kumar sethi Preparation of soap  using different types of oil and exploring its properties 04.02.2020
21. Debabrata das Hair dyes bottling  of purified biogas 03.03.2020  
22. Swadhin behera Corrosion and corrosion  control 05.03.2020
23. Malaya kumar pradhan Municipal solid waste management in India 10.03.2020
01 Badal Ku. Sahu Pharmaceutical Compound 02.11.2020 2020-21
02 Priyadarsini Sahu Dyes & their application 02.11.2020  
03 Rahil Kampa The periodic table 02.11.2020  
04 Guntha Rajeshu Patro Comparative study & qualitative analysis of different brands of cold drinks available in market 02.11.2020  
05 Alok Sethi Tackling Mercury pollution in worldwide 02.11.2020  
06 Kedarnath Sahu Solar powered air conditioning system 02.11.2020  
07 Sibani Parida Caffeine in tea 02.11.2020  
08 Biswajit Padhy Carbohydrate 02.11.2020  
09 Prahallad Behera Acid & Base 31.03.2021  
10 Abhisek Panigrahy Biodiesel production from Neem and Tigernut oil 31.03.2021  
11 Sagar Ku. Bahera Electrochemistry 31.03.2021  
12 T.Supriya Patro Low cost water purifying method in rural areas 31.03.2021  
13 Durga Madhab Choudhury Chemistry in service of Humanity 31.03.2021  
14 Rudra Prasad Panda Presence of Pesticides in Fruit and Vegetable 31.03.2021  
15 Soumya Rani Satpathy Noise Pollution 23.07.2021  
16 Lipu Nayak Different Improved low cost water purifying methods in rural area and improvising it. 23.07.2021  
17 Subhendra Pradhan Structure of Atom 23.07.2021  
18 Jagannath Sethi pH scale and its Application in Soil 23.07.2021  
19 Dukhisyama Sethi Bottling of purified biogas produced from kitchen waste and its cost analysis 23.07.2021  
20 Pranab Ku. Guru Lipids, Fatty Acid and Oil and Fats 23.07.2021  
21 Rajesh Maharana Toxic level of soft drinks 23.07.2021  
22 Ramananda Patro Solid waste management in India 23.07.2021  
23 Deepak Ku. Gouda Geometrical Isomerisem rescricted rotation 23.07.2021  
24 Karisma Behera Classification of Lipids and Oils and Fats and its extraction 23.07.2021  
25 Ankita Mahapatra Hair dyes, bleaches and its effects 23.07.2021  
26 Debasis Sethy Solid State 23.07.2021  
27 Amit Ku. Jena The production of fuel and chemicals in the new world 23.07.2021  
28 Debiprasad Pradhan Byproducts of Sugarcane 23.07.2021  
29 Madhusmita Sethi Chemical Kinatics 23.07.2021  
30 B.Pramod Ku. Patra Plastic pollution primer and action toolkit 23.07.2021  
31 Ganapati Sahu Green Chemistry 23.07.2021  
32 Krushna Chandra Nayak Importance of Chemistry 23.07.2021  
33 Sanjaya Ku. Behera Plastics and preparation of fuel from plastics 23.07.2021  
34 Ashish Ku.Samal Sterilization of water 23.07.2021  
35 Siddhant Behera Biologycal importance of metal ion 23.07.2021  
36 Bikash Gouda To determine the percentage of caffeine in different tea samples 23.07.2021  
37 Bhabesh Nahak Chemistry of fat & oils(Lipids) 23.07.2021  
38 Prasant Patra Explosives & Toxic chemical weapons 23.07.2021  
39 Barsharani panigrahy Paracetamol-Application and Safety concern 23.07.2021  
40 Biswaranjan Tripathy Transition metal 23.07.2021  
41 Siba Prasad Sethy Colligative properties 23.07.2021  
42 Samarpana Lenka Synthesis & Characterization of ferrocene containing organometallic compound 23.07.2021  
43 Jyoti Ku. Pradhan Fluorescence & Phosphorescence 23.07.2021  
44 Pramita Swain Radioactive waste management 23.07.2021  
45 Sisir Ku. Swain Vitamins 23.07.2021  
46 Ramakrushna Gantayat Bioinorganic chemistry 23.07.2021  
  1. Mr. Harikrishna Bishoy, Scientist, C.V.Raman Institute, Bangalore (Now in U.S.A)
  2. Mr. Manoj Kumar Mahapatro, Vedanta, Jharsuguda
  3. Mr. ManmohanMahapatro, Vedanta, Lanjigada
  4. Mr. Sunasir Mishra, Lecturer
  5. Mr. Ratnakr Mishra, Lecturer, Malkangiri
  6. Mr. UmakantaNayak, U.S.V Company, Mumbai
  7. Mr. Prasanta Kumar Patnaik, Chemist, Dubai, U.A.E
  8. Miss NirmalaSahu Asst. Manager, UCO Bank, Hinjilicut