The Science College( Autonomous), Hinjilicut, established in 1963 has the distinction of being one of the largest, oldest and the leading Colleges of Odisha. The college which came into being in 1961 has played a leading and innovative role.


The following chart shows the Administrative Hierarchy for the smooth Management of the College

Statutory Bodies

Governing Body
Academic Council
Board of Studies
Finance Committee

Non-Statutory Bodies

Planning and Evaluation Bodies
Grievance Appeal Committee
Examination Committee
Admission Committee
Library Committee
Student Welfare Committee
Extracurricular Activities Committee
Academic Audit Committee


Sl.No. Name Of The Member Post
1 Smt. V.Sugnana  Kumari  Deo,

Hon’ble Rani Saheba of Khallikote

Governing Body-President
2 Dr. Saketh Rama Rao, Vice-president, K.C.Trust Managing Committee
3 Major Rama Raman Padhy, Educationist   Secretary, K.C.Trust Managing Committee
4 Tahasildar, Hinjilicut Member
5 Executive Engineer, R & B Division-1, Berhampur Member
6 Dr. Prakash Chandra Mishra, Retd. Prof. of Emeritus, Berhampur University Member
7 Dr. Eshan Ahmad Khan, U.G.C Nominee Member
8 Director, Higher Education, Govt. of Odisha Member
9 Prof. D.P. Patnaik (Retd. From service. Hence, vacant), P.G.Department of Odia, Berhampur University Member
10 Sri. R.C.Rowlo, Reader in Physics (Staff Representative) Member
11 Smt. S.R.Das, Reader in Zoology (Staff Representative) Member
12 Dr. Swastika Padhi, Principal Secretary



The Principal(Chairman)
All the Heads of the Departments of the College
Four Teachers of the College representing different categories of Teaching Staff by rotation on the basis of seniority of service in the College.
Not less than four experts from out side the College representing such areas as Industry, Commerce, Law, Education, Medicine, Engineering etc. to be nominated by the Governing Body.
Three nominees of the University.
A faculty member nominated by the Principal(Member Secretary)

Academic Council for the Session 2015-2017

A. Dr. Jogendra Panigrahi Principal , Chairman of Academic Council
B. All HOD’s  
  Smt. Usha Pattanaik English
  Dr. B.N.Panigrahi Odia
  Dr. U.Pathy Econommics
  Dr. Brundaban Mishra History
  Dr. A.K.Tripathy Political Science
  Dr. B.C.Dash Philisophy
  Mr. Ramesh Roula Physics
  Mr. C.R.Das Chemistry
  Dr. P.K.Pattanaik Botany
  Dr. Jayanti Patnaik Zoology
  Dr. A.K.Mishra Mathematics
  Dr. P.K.Nanda Electronics and ETC
  Dr. J.Panigrahi Commerce and BBA
  Mr. Srikanta Panigrahi BCA
C. Vice-Chancellor Nominees
  • Prof. R.P.Mohapatra,P.G.Department of Commerce, Berhampur University
  • Prof. J.N.Mohanty,P.G.Department of Political Science, Berhampur University
  • Prof(Mrs)Subasini Pattanaik, P.G.Department of Zoology, Berhampur University
D. G.B.Nominees
  • Prof(Dr.)Prakash Chandra Mishra,Head,P.G.Department of Commerce Berhampur University
  • Prof.(Dr.)G.S.Tripathy, Former Professor, P.G.Department of Physics, Berhampur University
  • Prof.(Dr).S.K.Dash, Former Professor, P.G.Department of Bio-Sciences, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mohuda, Berhampur
  • Dr. U.K.Mishra, Former Reader, P.G.Department of Mathematics, Berhampur University
  • Dr.(Mrs.) Shantilata Patro,Principal, City College, Berhampur

Functions :

The Academic Council will have powers

  • To scrutinize and approve the proposals with or with out modification of the Board of Studies with regard to courses of study, academic regulations, curricula, syllabi.
  • To Make regulations regarding the admission of students to different Programmes of Studies in the College.
  • To Make regulations for sports, extra curricular activities and proper maintenance and functioning of the play grounds and hostels.
  • To recommend to the Governing Body proposals for Institution of new Programmes of Studies.
  • To recommend to the Governing Body on suggestions pertaining to academic affairs made by it.
  • To perform such other functions as may be assigned by the Governing Body.



  • Head of the concerned department (Chairman)
  • The entire faculty of each specialization.
  • Two experts in the subject from outside the College to be nominated by the Academic Council.
  • One expert to be nominated by the Vice-chancellor from a panel of six experts recommended by the College Principal.
  • One representative from Industry/ Corporate sector/ allied area relating to placement.
  • One postgraduate meritorious alumnus to be nominated by the Principal. The Chairman, Board of studies, may, with the approval of the Principal of the College, co-opt.
    • [A] Experts from outside the College whenever special Courses of Studies are to be formulated.
      [B] Other members of staff of the same faculty.

Board of Studies for the session 2015-2016:

Smt. Usha Patnaik Chairman
Mr. M.K.Rao  
Sri. S.P.Padhy  
Sri. L.K.Baliarsingh  
Dr. Suguna Patnaik, Former Reader, Berhampur A.C./Principal Nominee
Smt. Shantilata Patro, Principal City College, Berhampur A.C./Principal Nominee
Prof. R.N.Panda, P.G.Dept.of English, Berhampur University V.C.Nominee
Dr. B.N.Panigrahi Chairman
Smt. Bishnupriya Panda  
Sri. Uma Sankar Panda  
Mr. Kailash Nath Swain Reader in Odia, Kabisurya Nagar, Ganjam A.C./Principal Nominee
Dr. Suresh Chandra Panigrahi Former Lecturer in Odia, Tulasi Nagar, Berhampur-7 A.C./Principal Nominee
Prof. P.K.Swain, P.G.Dept of Odia, Berhampur University V.C.Nominee
Sri. Srinivas Maharana HR Officer, South-Co, Berhampur Industry Nominee
Dr. Upendra Pathy Chairman
Dr. K.C.Patnaik  
Sri S.L.Swamy  
Dr. R.C.Pandit Reader, Aska Sc.College, Aska, Ganjam A.C./Principal Nominee
Sri Raghu Nath Pradhan Nuapada Srivalayi Mahavidyalaya, Nuapada, Ganjam A.C./Principal Nominee
Prof. N.C.Sahu, P.G.Dept of Economics, Berhampur University V.C.Nominee
Dr. Brundaban Mishra Chairman
Dr. Sunil Kanta Tripathy  
Dr. Lalit Mohan Rath,Former Reader Tulasi Nagar, 1st Lane, Berhampur A.C./Principal’s Nominee
Dr. Sudhir Ch.Bhola A.C./Principal Nominee
Prof. M.Padhy, P.G.Dept.History Berhampur University V.C.Nominee
Dr. B.C.Das Chairman
Dr. A.K.Mishra, Head K.S.U.B.College, Bhanjanagar A.C./Principal Nominee
Dr. B.N.Samantaray, Former Reader Flat No.3-Mayur Plaza, Berhampur A.C./Principal’s Nominee
Dr. B.C.Dash, Reader in Philosophy K.S.U.B.College, Bhanjanagar V.C.Nominee
Dr. Amulya K Tripathy Chairman
Dr. Anita Kumari Pattanaik  
Dr. Srikanta Mahapatra, Principal Reader/Principal, M.M.Mahavidyalaya, Berhampur A.C./Principal Nominee
Dr. Nila M Padhi, Reader/Principal Chikiti Mahavidyalaya, Chikiti, Ganjam A.C./Principal Nominee
Prof. Jugal K Mahapatra, P.G.Dept.of Political Science Berhampur University V.C.Nominee
Sri. Srinivas Maharana HR Officer, South-Co, Berhampur Industry Nominee
Dr. Jogendra Panigrahi Chairman
Dr. Lalit Mohan Pattnayak  
Dr. Prafulla Kumar Rath  
Miss. J.R.Pathy  
Dr. S.K.Padhy, Former Reader Basudev Nagar, Berhampur A.C./Principal’s Nominee
Prof. K.C.Rout, Former Professor Berhampur University A.C./Principal’s Nominee
Prof. P.K.Biswasroy P.G.Dept.of Commerce, Berhampur University V.C.Nominee
Dr. Ajit Kumar Mishra Chairman
Mr. K.D.Senapati  
Dr. P.N.Samanta, P.G.Dept.of Mathematics Berhampur University A.C./Principal Nominee
Dr. Kabiraj Rout Reader in Mathematics, B.P.M.Science College Chauntiapalli A.C./Principal Nominee
Prof.(Smt.)Niyati Mishra, P.G.Dept.of Mathematics Berhampur University V.C.Nominee
Dr. Prafulla Kumar Pattnayak Chairman
Dr. Bandana Panigrahi  
Dr. Susil Kumar Panigrahi  
Smt. Sujata Mohapatro  
Dr. Puspanjali Rath, Head & Reader Aska Science College, Aska A.C./Principal’s Nominee
Dr. Manjula Muni, Head & Reader City College, Berhampur A.C./Principal’s Nominee
Prof. Ashok Kumar Panigrahi P.G.Dept.of Botany, Berhampur University V.C.Nominee
Dr. Trinath Patnaik, OFS Asst Conservator, Forest, Berhampur Placement Nominee
Sri. C.R.Das Chairman
Dr. Sabita Kumari Sahu  
Sri. V.R.Raju  
Smt. Bijayalakshmi Maharana  
Dr. M.D.Patro A.C./Principal’s Nominee
Dr. Panchanan Gouda, Reader in Chemistry Khallikote(Autonomous) College, Berhampur A.C./Principal’s Nominee
Dr. Sunakar Panda P.G.Dept.of Chemistry, Berhampur University V.C.Nominee
Dr. P.K.Nanda Chairman
Miss. Sradhanjali Sahu  
Miss Beauty Nayak  
Mr. Pratap K.Dakua Asst.Professor, Dept.of ECE IITM(CUTM), Paralakhemundi A.C./Principal’s Nominee
Dr. Satya Narayan Tripathy P.G.Dept.of Computer Science Berhampur University A.C./Principal’s Nominee
Prof. R.K.Mishra, P.G.Dept.of Electronics Science Berhampur University V.C.Nominee
Sri Ch.C.S.Prusty Chairman
Sri. Ramesh Ch Rowlo  
Sri. Binod Bihari Patra  
Dr. Kambhupani Sahu, Lect-in-Physics R.C.M.Science College, Khallikote A.C./Principal’s Niminee
Sri. Simanchal Pattanaik, Lecturer Dept.of Physics, Tara Tarini College Purussotampur, Ganjam A.C./Principal’s Nominee
Dr. Chapala Das, P.G.Dept.of Physics Berhampur University V.C.Nominee
Dr. Jayanti Patnaik Chairman
Mrs. Samparna Rani Das  
Sri. M.M.Baliarsingh  
Smt Puspanjali Maharana  
Prof. Ramesh Ch Choudhury Former Professor of Zoology Sana Sahi, Hinjilicut A.C./Principal’s Nominee
Dr. Deviprasad Samanta, Principal N.B.C.College, Kendupadar, Ganjam A.C./Principal’s Nominee
Prof.(Smt.)U.R.Acharya P.G.Dept.of Zoology, Berhampur University V.C.Nominee
Dr. Jogendra Panigrahi Chairman
Dr. L.M.Patnaik  
Dr. P.K.Rath  
Miss. J.R.Pathy  
Dr. S.K.Padhy, Former Reader Basudev Nagar, Berhampur A.C./Principal’s Nominee
Prof. K.C.Rout, Former Professor Berhampur University A.C./Principal’s Nominee
Prof. P.K.Padhy P.G.Dept.of Business Administration Berhampur University V.C.Nominee
Dr. Ajit Kumar Mishra Chairman
Dr. L.M. Patnaik  
Sri. Rabindra Sahu Gayatri Institute of Science & technology Berhampur A.C. Principal’s Nominee
Sri. Rasmo Roy Bada Kumar RIC, Berhampur A.C. Principal’s Nominee
Dr. M.R.Patro, P.G.Dept. of Computer Science Berhampur University V.C.Nominee


[A] Prepare syllabi for various courses keeping in view the objectives of the College, interest of the Stakeholders and national requirement for consideration and approval of the Academic Council.
[B] Suggest methodologies for innovative teaching and evaluation techniques.
[C] Suggest panel of names to the Academic Council for appointment of examiners, and
[D] Coordinate research, teaching, extension and other academic activities in the department/ College


Finance Committee:

  • The Principal (Chairman).
  • One person to be nominated by the Governing Body of the college for a period of two years.
  • One Senior- most teacher of the college to be nominated in rotation by the Principal for two years. The Finance Committee will be an advisory body to the Governing Body, and will meet at least twice a year to consider:
    • Budget estimates relating to the grant received/ receivable from UGC and income from fees etc. collected for the activities to run the Scheme of Autonomy.
    • Audited Accounts for the above.
Similarly the following committees will be constituted as per the guideline of UGC:
  • Planning & Evaluation Committee
  • Grievance Appeal Committee

Examination Committee:

The Committee will look into adoption of following common programmes:

Semester pattern of study
Continues internal assessment
Credit/ Grading system
Students feed back
Self-appraisal by teachers

It will also conduct at least 02 internal Examinations per semester and 01 semester ending examination.

Admission Committee
Library Committee
Student Welfare Committee
Extra-Curricular Activities Committee
Academic Audit Committee

The other Statutory Bodies are:

Executive Committee
Academic Council
Board of Studies
Finance Committee