Project Description

English plays an important role in binding all the streams of the institute. It is the language that opens the gateway of employability, opportunity and vision for the youth. The department of English started functioning from the date of the establishment of the college i.e. 1963. In conformity with the vision and mission of the college and the need of the present society, English has molded itself with positive aspirations to cope-up with the latest trend prevalent in the national and international level. The department prioritizes development of communicative skill of the students. The students are encouraged for competence in communication skills. The result of English Honours here is comparatively better than other Colleges. The success percentage of students is around 85%.The department is proud to have very competent, efficient and committed teachers for teaching, curriculum designing and extra -curricular activities. The members counsel the students to find placement in different fields after passing out. It will not be out of place to mention that thousands of students have passed out from the college successfully and have established themselves in different fields across the country. In addition to counseling for placement, right kind of information is also imparted for self-employment and above all to be good citizens to meet the challenges in different walks of life.

English is the medium of instruction in all the streams of Arts, Science and Commerce. The Government is pleased to increase the Honours seats from 16 (Sixteen) to 32 (Thirty two) in the academic session of 2015-16. In spite of being an Autonomous college the Department follows the State Model Syllabus. The Department conducts 14 (fourteen) core papers for the Honours students at the Degree level. Semester system is being followed each year. Apart from the core subjects an additional Course under Elective DSE (Discipline Specific) is taken up. The students are asked to undertake this course in the 5th and 6th semester examination. Skill Enhancement Course is a compulsory course for +3 Second Year students.

The Govt. of Odisha has set up 93 Language Labs throughout Odisha to enhance the proficiency in Communication Skills in English language. The Language lab at Science College (Autonomous) Hinjilicut was established in 2014 by Centre for Advanced Communication (CACM) and the software used is Integrated Software Integrated Learning System (ISILS).The short term course in Communication skill in English language is imparted through these language laboratories.

Courses Offered: Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) for B.A
Semester Course Course Name Credits Total marks
I AECC-I AECC-I 04 100
C-I British Poetry and Drama: 14th to 17th Centuries 06 100
C-II British Poetry and Drama: 17th and 18th Century 06 100
GE-I Academic Writing and Composition 06 100
C-III British Prose: 18th Century 06 100
C-IV Indian Writing in English 06 100
GE-II Gender and Human Rights 06 100
III C-V British Romantic Literature 06 100
C-VI British Literature 19thCentury 06 100
C-VII British Literature: Early 20th Century 06 100
GE-III Nation, Culture, India 06 100
SEC-I SEC-I 04 100
IV C-VIII American Literature 06 100
  C-IX European Classical Literature 06 100
C-X Women’s Writing 06 100
GE-IV Language and Linguistics 06 100
SEC-II SEC-II 04 100
Semester Course Course Name Credits Total marks
V C-XI Modern European Drama 06 100
C-XII Indian Classical Literature 06 100
DSE-I Literary Theory 06 100
  DSE-II World Literature 06 100
VI C-XIII Postcolonial Literatures 06 100
C-XIV Popular Literature 06 100
DSE-III Partition Literature 06 100
DSE-IV Writing for Mass Media 06 100
DSE-IV Dissertation 06 100*

For the Syllabus CLICK HERE


Name & Designation

Sri Laxman K Baliarsingh

Reader in English

Ms. Soumya Samanta

M.A. M.Phil

Lecturer in English

Sri Manoranjan Sahu

M.A, M.Phil.

Lecturer in English

Ms. Sradhanjali Badatya


Lecturer in English

Ms. Ipsita Ruchi

M.A, M.Phil.

Lecturer in English

Present details about Infrastructural facilities of the Dept.
  1. Language Laboratory – 01
  2. Total No. of Lecture Halls with Information and Communication  Facility-  01
 Instruments/Equipments of the Department
Sl. No. Name Of The Equipment No. Of Equipments
1. Computer 04
2. Laptop 01
3. G.D Table 01
4. Projector 01
5. LCD Screen 01
6. Mic 02
Departmental Seminars/Workshops: List of Seminar Activities of The Department During 2015-21 are Given Below


Sl. No. Name of the student Topic Presented Date Year
1 Kanhu Dal Behera +3 3rd yr. Women in Victorian Novels 28.02.20 2020
2 Bhagyasree Sahu +3 3rd  yr A Study of the Novel Beloved 13.02.19 2019
3 Kamalkanta Panda +3 2nd  yr A study of Feminism 15.08.19 2019
4 S. Prakash Chandra Behera +3 3rd year Pot of Gold as a Comic Satire 25.08.18 2018
5. Radhe shyam Khuntia +3 2nd  yr Abhijnana Sakuntalam 16.09.18 2018
6 Gopinatha Bhuyan, +3 2nd  yr Keats Byron and Shelley as Romantic Poets 12.02.17 2017
7 BhagyasreeSahu +3 2nd  yr Literature is a Mirror of Life. 29.08.17 2017
8 Mr. Saswat Kumar Panda, +3 2nd  yr Romantic Revival In English literature. 05.08.16 2016
9 Mr. Prakash Chandra Behera +3 1st yr Derrida’s Theory of Deconstruction. 07.12.16 2016
10 Mr. Satyaban Sethy +3 3rd yr Structural Perspective : On Literature in English 05.12.15 2015
11 Mr. Subrat Patnaik +3 2ndyear The English Comedy: A Study of Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, Congreve 21.08.15  2015
12 Ms. Sonali Mahapatro +3 3rd year A Study of Picaresque Novel. 08.11.14 2014
13 Ms. Sonali Mahapatro +3 3rd year The Gothic Fiction 11.01.14 2014


Resource Persons
Name of The Resource Persons Seminar topic Date Year
Prof. Dr. R. N Panda, Head of the Department English, Bhanja Vihar Berhampur University.  Literature and Criticism 18.01.19 2019
Prof. Shantilata Patro,Reader in English, Retd. Principal, City College, Berhampur. The Alchemist : A mock on the English Society 16.07.18 2018
Prof. Basant Ku. Samant , Reader in English, Retd. Principal R. C. M. Science College, Khallikote. Dryden’s All For Love : A Tragic Reconcilliation 20.08.17 2017
Dr. Suguna Patnaik, Reader in English, Retd. Head of the Dept, Science College (Auto), Hinjilicut Understanding Literature & Life. 15.12.16 2016
Dr. M.S. Rao, Reader in English, Retd. Principal, NSB college, Nuapada. Milton’s Lycidas : A Pastoral Elegy 16.02.15 2015
Study tour

Besides seminars the department also observes the Teacher’s Day as a reverence to the great scholar and teacher Dr. S Radhakrishnan. Continuing with the proud tradition of the college, senior students and newcomers of the college mingle with each other at the Fresher’s party which is organized every year. Jovial smiles and high spirits mark the welcome party for the students. With pulsating ambience, flashing lights and foot tapping music, it is a fun filled event where the fresher’s have an opportunity not only to showcase their talents and but also to interact with the seniors. The department also organizes Farewell functions for the final year students and the faculty members on their superannuation. The students and faculty share their experiences and views about the department. Every year a study tour is conducted to enhance learning in an informal environment, while building long-lasting relationships with students and teachers. It also helps them to grow professionally. The study tours focuses on history, heritage, business, nature etc.

The UGC sponsored Extension Programme

The Department extends its service to the community by imparting basic Communicative skills in the grass-root level. Hence an extension programme on  “Communication and Language“ was adopted by the department to eradicate the fear and misapprehension among the students for the language. The department has adopted Nimigaon Primary School, to teach students in consultation with their school teachers.

Publication Of the Books/ Research Articles/News Paper and Magazine Articles:
Name Publication Journal
Ms. Soumya Samant            “COMMUNICATION ACROSS CULTURES” U.G.C Sponsored Magazine
Dr. Asween Singh            Niranjan Mohanty: A poet of Orissa Culture. International Journal of English Literature, Language & Skills
Dr. Asween Singh Gopinath Mohanty’s Paraja : A study of Tribal Culture. International Journal of English Literature, Language & Skills
Dr. Asween Singh            Teaching English Language : Problems & remedies of teaching of English in India : A new Perspective.  
Dr. Asween Singh            Manoj Das : A Traditional Story Teller with Indian sensibility. Contemporary Discourse
Dr. Asween Singh Kamala Das : A Post Colonial Poet International Journal of English Literature, Language & skills
Achievements of the Students:
  1. Chinmaya Maharana, Manager, Belgium Glass, Mumbai
  2. AnandaSethy, Lecturer, Binayak Acharya College, Berhampur
  3. Jagannath Pattnaik, Lecturer Mundamarei College, Mundamarei
  4. Hrusikesh Mishra, Lecturer, Rushikulya College, Surada
  5. GourangCharanPattanaik, T.T College, Purushottampur
  6. Tarini Charana Mahapatra, Lecturer, U.P Science collge, Sheragada
  7. A. Shankar Rao, SOUTHCO, Berhampur
  8. Kailash Maharana, Odisha Police
  9. Mr .Baidyanath Gouda, Sales Executive, Samsung Care, Rourkela