Project Description

  • The Department of Mathematics started its journey in 1963 with 8 seats in the Honours course in Mathematics.
  • At present, there are 48 sanctioned seats for Honours.
  • The Department of Mathematics is devoted to build up and amplify the mathematical skills of students by facilitating students’ understanding and application of mathematical concepts.
  • It has basic infrastructural facilities to meet the growing educational requirement of the students.
Courses Offered: Semester / Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) for B.Sc. students.
Sl. No. Subject
1. Mathematics Core Courses
2. Mathematics Generic Elective Courses
3. Skill Enhancement Compulsory Course–Quantitative and Logical Thinking

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Name & Designation

Dr. Sarita Choudhury

Lecturer in Mathematics



Miss Abhipsa Padhy

Lecturer in Mathematics



Miss Madhusmita Padhy

Lecturer in Mathematics




The Department of Mathematics has its own compact computer laboratory to support students in performing practical related to their core mathematical courses which promotes their understanding of applications of mathematical skills.


The department also has a small library in order to encourage students to read books.

The Department of Mathematics conducts seminars regularly in order to provide exposure to the students to exchange their scientific ideas. The Department also invites prominent speakers from other Higher Education Institutions to serve as resources speakers. The seminar or training helps both teachers and students alike to update themselves in the field and to enhance their mathematical skills as well as English communication and research.

 The Department of Mathematics also organized an extension activity sponsored by UGC in the neighbouring village NIMIGAM on 6th March, 2019 for popularising mathematics among school students.

Every year induction, farewell, teacher’s day and study tours are organized by the department with great pomp and splendour.        

List of Departmental Seminars Conducted in the year 2022:
Sl. No. Name of the Students-Roll No. Date Topic
1. i. Smaranika Jena-BS(P)21-021

ii. Manisha Pradhan- BS(P)21-023

iii. Pritam Mishra- BS(P)21-038

iv. Rabindra Swain- BS(P)21-050

v. Sibaram Behera- BS(P)21-058

5th January, 2022 Differential Equation, Relations and Functions, Logic, Permutation
2. i. Biswajit Srichandan Mohanty- BS(P)21-071

ii. Rudra Narayan Sahu- BS(P)21-074

iii. Puspanjali Behera- BS(P)21-079

iv. Jutu Shibajee Patra- BS(P)21-095

v. Madhuri Kumari Satapathy- BS(P)21-100

6th January, 2022 Linear Programming Problem, Higher order derivatives, Complex numbers
3. i. Saudamini Bisoyi- BS(P)21-101

ii. Alok Patro- BS(P)21-117

iii. Kanhu Charan Rauta- BS(P)21-118

iv. Dharitri Naik- BS(P)21-135

v. Bikash Kumar Pradhan- BS(P)21-089

7th January, 2022 Combination, Vectors, Principal of Mathematical Induction, Integration
4. i. Rahul Panda- BS(P)21-062

ii. Iti Sethi- BS(P)21-119

iii. Krishna Swain- BS(P)21-125

iv. Chandrahas Malik- BS(P)21-177

v. Pedini Lalita- BS(P)21-195

7th February, 2022 Hyperbolic Functions, Sequences, Integration
5. i. Chandra Sekhar Karana- BS(P)21-179

ii. Rakesh Kumar Mohapatra- BS(P)21-200

iii. Diptimayee Behera- BS(P)21-215

iv. Sonali Pradhan– BS(P)21-230

v. Subham Acharya- BS(P)21-239

8th February, 2022 Definite Integrals, Concavity and Points of Inflection, Applications of Integrals.
6. i. Srimanta Panigrahi- BS(P)21-242

ii. Harsaprada Patra- BS(P)21-249

iii. Asish Kumar Swain- BS(P)21-274

iv. Jhansi Rani Patra- BS(P)21-272

v. Sibani Barada-BS(P)21-282

18th February, 2022 Permutations, Probability
List of Seminar Conducted with invited Resource Persons:
Sl. No. Name of the Resource Persons and Students Presented Date Topic
1. Resource Person

i) Dr. U.K. Mishra

Retd. Prof., Department of Mathematics

Berhampur University

ii) Dr.Kabiraj Rout

Retd. Reader., Department of Mathematics

SBP Mahavidyalaya, Samantiapalli

11th Feb


Introduction To

Partial Differential Equation

2. Resource Person

i)Sri Ganeswar Padhy

Lecturer in Computer Science,

SBRG Womens College   


ii) Dr. Kabiraj Rout

Retd. Reader. in Department of Mathematics

SBP Mahavidyalaya, Samantiapalli

14th Dec.


Basics Of MATLAB
3. Resource Person

i)Dr. U.K. Mishra

Retd. Prof., Department of Mathematics

Berhampur University

ii) Dr.Kabiraj Rout

Retd. Reader. in Department of Mathematics

SBP Mahavidyalaya, Samantiapalli

Presented by Students: 

i) Sandhya Rani Sahu (BS17-012)

ii) Suraj Kumar Padhy (BS17-023)

iii) Sangram Mahanty (BS17-065)

iv) Chinmayee Sahu (BS17-078)

v) Dhiraj Kumar Sabat (BS17-090)

vi) Swarnalata Sahu (BS17-092)

vii) Sibaprasad Padhy (BS17-108)

viii) Aswini Sahu (BS17-137)

ix) Subrat Kumar Sahu (BS17-208)

x) Sangita Sahu (BS17-210)

xi) M. Sonali Das (BS17-225)

xii) Chinmayee Panda (BS17-305)

xiii) Subhasri Sadangi (BS17-314)

8th November



To Probability

4. Resource Person

Prof. Tarini Charan Panda

Retired Professor, Berhampur University,

Former Principal of Orissa Engineering College, Bhubaneswar

Former President of Orissa Mathematical Society

Elected Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, London,

Fellow of Indian Academy of Mathematical Modeling & Simulation.

18th March, 2019 UGC Sponsored Competence Building Initiative Programmes
List of Farewell, Induction Meetings and Study Tours during 2019-2022:
  • Induction programme was organized on 9th November, 2021 to welcome the students of 2021-2024 batch.
  • Farewell ceremony for our retired professors and the outgoing students of the batch 2018-2021 was organized on 3rd September, 2021.
  • Study Tour was organized by the department on 19th January, 2020 for the students pursuing B.Sc. (Mathematics Honours).
  • Induction programme was organized on 14th September, 2019 to welcome the students of 2019-2022 batch.
  • Teachers’ Day was celebrated by the Department of Mathematics to pay tribute to Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan on 5th September, 2019.

The Department of Mathematics has always strived not only for the academic excellence but overall personal development of the students. As a department devoted to the students, it’s not too surprising that we’re proud of our alumni. We’re assured that our current students can learn a lot from our alumni, that’s why we encourage our alumni to come visit us, give guest lectures, teach a class or two, share advice about our curriculum or get involved with our mission in any way possible. As a consequence of the efforts of both the students and faculties, students from this department have gone on to successful careers all over the country, empowered by the one quality that has impressed employers over and over again: a positive, teachable, committed attitude. List of our beloved alumni working in different positions are as follows:    

Abhipsa Padhy
Lecturer in Mathematics
Science College (Autonomous) Hinjilicut,

Susmita Panda
Assistant Section Officer
The High Court of Odisha, Cuttack

Sidhant  Kumar Sahu
Asst. Professor in Mathematics
GIET Gunupur, Rayagada

Puja Rao
Cashier in LIC
Aska, Ganjam

Abinash Sahu
Indian Air Force

Sachin Nahak
Submariner & Technical Sailor
Indian Navy

Subhashree Panda
Data Analyst
Swiggy, Bengaluru

Madhusmita Padhy
Lecturer in Mathematics
Science College (Autonomous) Hinjilicut, Ganjam.

Swadhin Senapati
System Engineer,
TCS Bhubaneswar.

Akash Kumar Maharana
Indian Airforce

Sudam Behera
Technical Sailor
Indian Navy

Sibaram Padhy (MATBS17-216)
Junior Stenographer,
O/o, Gramya Nyayalaya,
Junagarh, Kalahandi.